MC30 Scuba

Over the past 45 years, catamarans have achieved a remarkable safety record while racking up hundreds of thousands of ocean sailing miles. This is achieved through superior hull design, positive foam flotation, and the added stability of a wide beam. In today’s market, most experienced mariners now prefer multihulls over monohulls because they seldom roll much or heel uncomfortably in rough seas.

In addition, modern power catamarans are swift, efficient cruisers that make short work of long ocean passages. Even experiencing hurricane conditions, catamarans will resist capsizing in huge breaking waves better than monohulls, thanks to their inherently high "roll moment of inertia". Indeed, a well designed cat is arguably the safest type of boat afloat. The much tested design of The MC 30 is inspired by proven catamaran principals. We aim to deliver the safest, most comfortable ride possible, while combining respectable speeds and affordable fuel consumption.

Based on a proven platform of MC 30 we have designed new custom catamaran MC 30 Scuba. This is remarkable scuba vessel because we took into account:

  • comfort and stability at sea
  • easy access via special ramp to favored scuba grounds
  • additional 4 steps with railing to easy climb on board
  • safe diving since access is far from propellers
  • midship location for tanks to avoid unpleasant rocking
  • large console for storage
  • aft access



Technical Data

TOTAL LENGTH: 29’11” (9.1 m)
BEAM: 9’99“ (3.0 m)
DRAFT: 15-19“ (0.38-0.48 m)
DRY WEIGHT (WITH MOTORS): 4405 lbs (2 t)
TOW WEIGHT (WITH TRAILER): 5500 lbs (2.5 t)
MAX. SPEED: 22-26 kts
FUEL CONSUMPTION: (cruising at 14-17 kts) 3 gal/h (11.5 l/h)
FUEL TANKS: 2x34.87 gal. (2 x 132 l)